Monday, 28 December 2009

Avatar - an appreciation

James Cameron's Avatar is that rare thing - a genuine must-see movie. The film is too long; the plot is trite with political correctness knee-jerk; the acting barely adequate. But for all that Avatar is a triumph of the imagination. The depiction of the Na'vi's planet Pandora is worth the price of admission.
I was surprised the 3D technology wasn't milked harder. There are no oohs or aahs from the audience; no ducking at flames shooting outwards from the screen. But this is a mark of Cameron's mastery of the technology. He never lets it overwhelm his film.


  1. I agree, it is a 'triumph of the imagination' that over rides the generic story line. Seen any other films lately?

  2. I saw Sherlock Holmes last night. As much as I enjoyed it I don't think I'll be first in the queue for Sherlock Holmes 2. GC


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