Monday, 21 December 2009

Bob Dylan cost me £10 ($16)

I was so struck by Bob Dylan's 'Must be Santa' that I put a tenner on the old boy at my local betting shop to top the UK's Christmas singles chart. I got odds of 66-1 so it was always an outsider. It never received any radio airtime and disappeared without trace.
I stumbled across the song taken from his recent Christmas album while doing a bit of internet digging following a first-rate TV documentary Joan Baez: How Sweet the Sound, which aired first in October on PBS.

I didn't mind losing the money - it was my penance for deserting the maestro many years ago.
I was at college when he touched down in the hearts of me and my contemporaries in 1962. I remembered my dad grumbling about the noise of Bob Dylan in the eponymous debut album. The sound of my generation, I soaked up the music and the books about him and his lyrics for around a decade.
After one too many lacklustre concerts and albums my interest waned. Here is a favourite song from way back then. (note Beat poet Allen Ginsberg off to the left)

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