Thursday, 24 December 2009

Men and sex

Have a look at the video of the 'Everything a man does he does to get laid' debate held by the Intelligence Squared debating forum in front of a live audience in London earlier this month. Some good points were made by both sides - and eventually the motion was lost.
It was interesting that nearly 600 smart people thought enough of the subject to show up for the event - especially as tickets are not cheap. Like so much these days the argument focused on whether or not evolution had hot-wired men to replicate their genes at the expense of all else.

Like every nature v. nurture tugs-of-war, there are no clear-cut conclusions. Clearly without the urge to procreate the species would have died out. But experience has led me to a rather more oblique approach to assessing sex as men's primary drive.
I would suggest that, whether conciously or not, sex does define men. There will be those dominated by their libidos ranging from the thoroughly satiated to the knuckle-biting frustrated. There will be others who have no sexual interest - it may have been supressed, never there, or faded with time.
The majority of men are attracted to woman; some to their own gender. Some to both. There will be a separate breed whose sexual obssessions require that they be locked up.
Sex defines men. For women it is their attitude to childbirth.

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