Monday, 21 December 2009

Proof Americans get irony (obscenity warning)

I watch plenty of videos on the internet but there are all too few that I return to to re-live my original enjoyment. Natalie Portman's Saturday Night Live rap (here uncensored) is one such that continues to amuse.
It has been said that the Americans did satire as well as the Brits but that irony in which the speaker poked fun at him or herself at the same was beyond them. I'm not not sure that's ever been really true. This still makes me smile after more than a dozen viewings. That's enough words; just take a look.


  1. Try Natalie Portman's favourite swear word [obscenity warning].

  2. The video in question has been removed. Sorry. It's a shame.

  3. It's still showing on
    I'll try and edit original post but you may have to cut and paste. It makes lol every time. GC


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