Wednesday, 13 January 2010

65 today

Sixty-five today and I launch this blog officially in a suitably cold and frosty London. If I make it, let's say, to 80 then I have already lived more than 80 per cent of my total life span. That should be a sombre thought but frankly I don't really give a stuff. It's not a case of being as old as you feel - I have felt the same way since about 25.

All bets are off when pain and illness come to call but until then I don't see why my age should be a factor in, well, anything. Experience can be an over-rated virtue. Unlike Chumbawamba if you get knocked down too many times it feels safer staying close to the floor.
I don't hanker after some lost golden age. Student days in the Sixties were fun but there were plenty of casualties. I suppose like being rich, there's never really a bad time to be young excepting, of course, your elders aren't shoving you up chimneys or in the trenches.
I don't mind acting my age but I'll be damned if I will think it. I don't regard the young as the enemy and intend to live in the present until such time as I'm mugged by a hoodie for my pension .

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