Sunday, 21 February 2010

BB (Bully Boy) Brown v Andrew Rawnsley

Who are you going to believe - both cannot be telling the truth? Either journalist Andrew Rawnsley is right that our Prime Minister is a bully or else the No.10 spin machine led by Lord Mandelson who claim Gordon Brown is merely demanding - most of all with himself?
It has to be Rawnsley's Observer revelations every time - especially now that we learn Downing Street staff have contacted a bullying helpline


  1. In connection with this story, Jaffa was very impressed with the cool, calm, collected and yes still calculating Peter Mandelson on the Andrew Marr show on the same day as the news broke. His performance was at the same time both supportive of the PM and almost deliberately ambiguous. Moreover his overall touch was light and humorous. When asked whether he personally had ever suffered as the butt of the PM's anger/frustration etc he replied in the affirmative and added with words to the effect that he liked to think that he had taken his buffeting "like a man". He is still the most talented men in Briish politics and let us not forget that with Alistair Campbell an Tony Blair and Gordon Brown himself he was part of the formidable quartet which swept New Labour to political power. Nevertheless, I experienced his peformance on the Andrew Marr show as excellent but also semi-detached. More than usual he had the air of a man who had got the cream. I will back my intuition here [known as 'Jaffa juice']-- this man is up for a very big position, not necessarily in politics, once the coming general election has been fought.

  2. Yes GC. Mercurial 'is a word I rarely use without thinking', says Jaffa. Blair was mercurial, but now I watch in stunned silence as Brown goes chama,chama,'chameleon' on me. He,'psychologically flawed, of 'the great clunking fist',to 'Mr Bean',to 'The Crying Game',and now as Andrew Marr said "soft Gordon, hard Brown".

  3. Thank you again Jaffa. Re Mandelson's future - it will be determined by the election result - the tighter the result, the more likely he is to hang around in the role of kingmaker. GC


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