Monday, 15 February 2010

Gordon - why did you scarifice your dignity? Part II

Arise Sir Piers Morgan – or perhaps even one day Lord Morgan of Grub Street for services in trying to fan the dying embers of Gordon Brown’s last few months as Prime Minister.
Morgan did an efficient job on television on Sunday night in his attempt to present the human side of his friend, the Prime Minister.
It was pure showbiz and was never intended, it must be said, to be an examination of Brown’s period in Government. So no questions about gold sales, our failing economy, or his role in the Iraq invasion. Instead we learnt from a man, who a few months ago was reluctant to reveal his favourite biscuit, the most intimate details of his private life.
The death of his baby daughter, the illness of his son, the damage to his sight in a rugby accident, his proposal to wife Sarah, even whether he has to share the toilets at Number 10 – we were spared neither his tears nor no detail too intimate.
Of course some of it was pure tosh. No Middle Eastern country be it a Muslim state or Israel would send the PM a roast pig as a present, as he claimed. If they did it would be intended as an insult.
There was some stuff about rough and tumble with Tony Blair. This had been previously denied but the admission came no where near shedding any real light on the internecine struggle in Downing Street which has poisoned the effectiveness of New Labour since 1997.
What Morgan did remind us was that Brown went almost straight from student politics into the real thing without ever having had to hold down a proper job.
I did approve of the promise that he and Sarah would devote themselves to charitable work once politics was over – a nice dig at the money-grubbing Tony Blair embarked on immediately he left office.
All in all last night’s show will have little influence on how the electorate votes. Rather it marks a further decline in the democratic process in Britain as we slip further in the direction of presidential government as there is so little real difference in political ideology between the parties at Westminster.


  1. Yes,Grapefruitcrazy. Jaffa says welcome to our Brave New World. Politicians crying on TV. There is no going back now. All this has history and form. It all started when David Frost caused President Nixon to cry on the box during three interviews, decades ago. Today, it is high drama. Yes, Gordon Brown has taken his place along side Jordan as one of Piers Morgan's interviewees. She cried too [well, almost]. Do we want this tearing at our emotions with an election on the way? Do we at home want to squirm in our seats as we watch our PM himself at unease and squirming with embarrassment at questions he barely knows how to field? Does it make him more human or does it lessen our respect for him? "It's all over now baby blue"! All is illusion and there is no hiding place from the camera. No space between the private man and the public face. All emotional experiences become kitsch as they are replayed for entertainment and to satisfy the public's endless curiosity itself fanned by the media's same endless search for the novelle. Will this interview be sold to the USA and around the world? Probably. We have all become cyphers of a world which we see only only through the silver screen or at the end of an electronic message in the ether. All is illusion and everybody is a commodity, especially the PM !

  2. Thank you for your well-argued comment. I take issue, however, Jaffa with the observation that somehow there was a public hunger - fanned by the media - for Brown to reveal his private tear-stained face. No, there must have been a focus group which suggested there would by electoral advantage if he revealed his personal tragedies. Piers Morgan just helped the desire become a reality. To get the biggest TV audience the show had to be sold as "Roll up, roll up, see a British prime minister cry." Pretty disreputable all round. GC

  3. Just as I said GC. The Prime Minister as commodity.

    Just as I said GC. The PM as commodity. Jaffa.



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