Monday, 8 March 2010

Dave's heading for the abyss faster than me shock

It is painful to think that weeks from now Gordon Brown could be in a position to claim victory at the General Election. A hung Parliament looks likely; if Labour has the most seats, the LibDems can be expected to lend Brown its support.
This would be a disaster for Britain. At every section of our society fresh thinking is called for – nowhere more so than in education.
The Tories under David Cameron have very little time left to make an impression on voters by coming up with some real policies.
It is easy enough to see where the Tory strategy came unstuck. It relied too heavily on its not so secret weapon – the British public’s dislike of Gordon Brown. Cameron’s prayers were answered when Brown clung on to office last year. The Tories adopted a make no waves policy, which they hoped would sweep them into Downing Street.
They hoped to inherit a reviving economy just as Tony Blair did in 1997. This is not to be. So while the public are all in favour of change, it has to be change for the better. In other words the Tories have to stand for something other than not being Labour. The Party has failed to deliver and Cameron and the shadow Cabinet continue to look like a collection of lightweights. The spoof poster above says it all.
The non-dom tax position of Lord Ashcroft, Tory deputy chairman, should have been sorted out years ago. Supposed heavy-hitter William Hague in particular has been left with egg all over his face because he negotiated Ashcroft’s peerage on what turned out to be a broken promise.
This won’t swing many votes one way or another in itself. But it does add to a general picture of incompetency at a time when the British economy most needs tender loving care. What we get instead from the Tories is an apparent division between Cameron and his Shadow Chancellor George Osborne on just how swingeing will be public spending cuts in the near term.
I say near term because Labour will be just as brutal further out – it is already slashing redundancy terms in the public sector to save on payouts.
If Cameron doesn’t watch out support from the Right of the party will slip away to UKIP.

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