Thursday, 4 March 2010

Exclusive: the truth behind Michael Palin's haircut

It was nice to discover I have something in common – however slight - with Michael Palin, the Monty Python co-founder, travel writer and television documentary maker. We share the same barber.
His photo has pride of place on the wall of the local one-man barbershop on the borders of Hampstead in north-west London. And earlier today he followed me into the chair chatting away about the England v Egypt soccer friendly yesterday evening.
I’m not a massive Palin fan of his later travel work and having nothing intelligent to remark, I left him to his haircut in peace.
Sparked by the coincidence, I thought over the little I knew about Palin as I walked home. Certainly as far as his public face is concerned, he has enjoyed an enviable life – and may he long continue to do so. Talented, rich, successful and yet has led a scandal-free existence and would appear to be liked by all.
For Life of Brian, A Fish Called Wanda, and the Dead Parrot sketch, Palin’s place among the 20th century comedy greats is secure. His other film, television, and literary achievements are considerable. And his haircut is pretty good too.

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