Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Victoria Beckham - her fashion success leaves critics looking shabby

The rise and rise of Victoria Beckham in the US has left a lot of her critics back home in the UK looking foolish. From her days in the Spice Girls she has been the target of gibes from journalists – mostly female – determined to show that she was anything but posh. It is ironic that the woman tagged Posh Spice should have been the target of so many snobs. Grudgingly the word “transformation” has been attached to Victoria Beckham once it was clear she had settled happily in LA and seen that her latest fashion venture is a success.
Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz wore ‘Victoria Beckham’ creations at the Oscar parties, while Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker are fans. This is all a long way from Victoria Beckham, the object of UK media rancour. “Why we women hate Posh” was a headline in the Daily Mail newspaper in 2004 which began “She's as fake as her tan, as brittle as her acrylic nails.” Marrying David Beckham spurred the feature writers to extreme degrees of unwarranted fury. None of the commentators gave their marriage in 1999 much of a chance suggesting that with her pop career in decline she had responded by nabbing Britain’s golden soccer star. Their lavish home was dubbed Beckingham Palace – a pun on the Queen’s Buckingham Palace residence. Victoria’s thinness, her several boob jobs, and her regular pout were constantly under fire. The choice of names for her sons Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz and the love she has showered on them, even her decision to stand by her man when the marriage went through a rocky patch all attracted negative interpretations in the British press. Launching her fashion range that is now into its fourth collection may have prompted her to opt for a classier, softer look by toning down her big hair, cup size, and fake tan but the loving wife and mother remain. Victoria Beckham has never ceased to be ambitious. But now her critics have been forced to acknowledge that talent goes hand-in-hand with her drive. She will always divide opinion – her appearance as a guest judge on American Idol – earned mixed reviews. But despite the close media scrutiny, any paparazzi hoping to catch her taking drugs, assaulting staff, smooching toy-boys, or carried drunk from nightclubs will have sought other employment by now. Perhaps what you see is what you get? She may never put on weight but it is no wonder she is smiling more.


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