Monday, 26 April 2010

Don't you just want to scream - sometimes?

Don’t get me wrong – the rant has an honoured place in blogging. Often they are among the most humorous and heartfelt pieces of writing to be found in the blogosphere.
Up until a few years ago I followed the blog of a young woman, which I had stumbled across three or four years before. I’ll say no more than she was a Kiwi living in London. She wrote well and specialised in rants. Men, jobs, and the daily grind of travelling on the Underground were regular targets.
She may still be blogging somewhere but I think she gave up as she approached thirty. So I know that done well angry outbursts are very readable and having reached 65 it wouldn’t be too difficult to find subjects about which to fume.
There are occasions like today that I regret not taking this route and instead placing the emphasis on comment and observations about life in London.
But I ask myself would you really be interested that my No.1 beef today is that my keys have worn holes in the back pockets of my 506 Levi’s inside 18 months?
I’ve worn jeans for 50 years. My first were a pair – perhaps Lee Cooper's – which had a two-tone grey stripe.
But for the most part I’ve owned a variety of Levi’s. The knees have worn threadbare before but never the back pockets – not until, that is, this latest pair which were a birthday present.
I haven’t just taken to carrying my keys in my back pockets so I can only assume that the fabric ain’t what is used to be.
There I’ve got that off my chest but I wouldn’t want to be blowing a fuse five days a week.
PS I wish I'd kept my Carnaby Street ruby-coloured hipster flares which were so tight I sat down carefully in case one day I wanted to start a family .


  1. What was the name of the woman's blog?

  2. Sorry to say I forget. A keyword Google search found nothing - it must be nearly four years ago. GC


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