Monday, 5 April 2010

Formula One - a sport even sillier than golf

Here I was all these years thinking that golf was the silliest sport in the world when all the time it was Formula One motor racing.
Too lazy to get out of the bath I was obliged to listen to too many circuits of the Malaysian Grand Prix on my out-of-reach portable radio yesterday.
There might be sense if the fastest car won. On the contrary there was some intervention by the weather during a practice session that saw the fastest cars start at the back of the grid making it impossible to win.
Neither does the ablest driver necessarily win. The winner in fact requires a fast, reliable car but also back up from a team that has mastery of tyre technology and meteorology. Races are won and lost in the pit stops and tyre changes as much as the straights.
It would be fairer if drivers raced the same cars or else perhaps they should be handicapped as in horseracing. For example, next time out yesterday’s victor Sebastian Vettel should drive one-handed.
Formula One must take the chequered flag for the largest carbon footprint in sport especially if you add the pollution from spectators’ cars to those on the track.
At least with championship golf, which will shortly send sports reporters orgasmic with the return of Tiger Woods at the Augusta National, is reasonably pollutant-free and conducted at a sensible decibel level.
It still consists of badly dressed men using sticks to chase small balls across the countryside with the aim of depositing them in 18 holes. Rather than being certified, the most successful receive ridiculous amounts of prize money.
None of my reservations about either motor racing or golf apply to soccer, the beautiful game. If Arsenal beat Barcelona in the Nou Camp tomorrow to proceed in the Champions League, the players will deserve their pampered life styles and manager Arsene Wenger sainthood.

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