Wednesday, 21 April 2010

I agree with Nick Clegg

“I think he is a desperate politician and I just do not believe him,” is how LibDem leader Nick Clegg today dismissed Gordon Brown’s late conversion to constitutional reform. It might take a while but whatever the General Election result, it looks like time is running out for the Prime Minister.
Before the surge in LibDem support the Tories seemed within a whisker of winning an outright majority or at least ending up with the largest number of seats in a hung Parliament. Both prospects are retreating.
There is the disgraceful chance of Labour having the lowest percentage of the popular vote yet the most seats though short of an outright majority. Clegg’s price for joining a Lab-Lib coalition would now seem to be Gordon Brown’s head along with a variety of other promises.
Step forward Labour leader-in-waiting David Miliband who I see has distanced himself from Brown’s position on Iraq ie the decision to invade was the right one despite the absence of weapons of mass destruction.
As for Tory leader David Cameron, to date his campaign has been inept and I can’t see him keeping his job long after May 6th if a coalition government looks like working. There is the outside chance of Cameron ‘doing a Clegg’ and dazzling at the next two live leaders’ debates – but I doubt it.

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