Thursday, 29 April 2010

Paris, je t'aime - a week at a time

This lovely video by LibanPhotography reminds me of many happy visits to Paris. Although I'm a Londoner from the top of my loaf of bread to whatever Cockney rhyming slang is for toes, I'm not immune to the delights of the French capital.
I've been there in many guises - child and parent, husband and lover. I wish I could have visited more often in the latter category, l'amour the merrier.
The inability to speak anything other than schoolboy French is a blessing in disguise. From this side of the Channel, Parisians appear to be a discontented lot, whose world view is blighted by an inferiority complex disguised as arrogant prejudice.
But to travellers hitting the boulevards a week at a time, Paris is a city of great food, grand architecture, culture, style, and altogether the place to be.
Louis Armstrong's wistful accompaniment to the time-lapsed video by Liban Yusuf is wisely chosen.

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