Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Countdown on Gordon Brown's career?

With less than 24 hours to go before polls open for the General Election, there are still no clues to the outcome. Speculation on the result - let alone the horse-trading that might follow with coalition negotiations between the parties – is therefore pointless.
So I’m heading this post with an amusing anti-Tory video. The thought of a Conservative-led administration with the bunch of lightweights on the Shadow cabinet coming to power is disturbing.
But looking back over New Labour’s period in office since 1997 fills me with gloom at the missed opportunities.
Money has been spent on health and education but it has not been invested well. Soaring house prices, cheap immigrant labour, and the regulation-lite banking sector have distorted the economy. The man who was going to end boom and bust for all time has bequeathed taxpayers a mountain of debt.
To Labour’s shame it backed the illegal invasion of Iraq and then failed to protect the lives of our brave troops with the proper equipment. Our schoolchildren were made the guinea pigs of ill-considered education ‘reforms’. After condemning Tory sleaze, Labour allowed corruption to foster in the shape of the MPs expenses scandal.
Any one of these should make voters consider whether Labour has had its chance and been found wanting. I expect one way or another Gordon Brown will have to quit No.10 Downing Street even if Labour clings to office.
It will take years before a proper assessment can be made on the man’s contribution to British political life. I expect his psychological make-up will be the subject of more-than-usual scrutiny.
However, I think some early judgements can be made. Brown is paying the price for dodging an early election; to its cost the Party should have dumped him a year ago; and a feisty Rochdale pensioner will go into the history books as Duffy the Vampire Slayer.

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