Thursday, 17 June 2010

Come on England! Grapefruitcrazy salutes the beautiful game

Phew, with France’s World Cup future hanging by a thread and Spain losing to Switzerland, England’s draw with the USA last weekend looks a more decent result by the day.
I’m pretty confident England can get results against Algeria and Slovenia whoever’s in goal.
We have to top our group to avoid playing Germany (the tournament’s best looking team to date) in the next round. This, of course, assumes Germany topping its group.
It’s too much to expect a replay of 1966 when England won the competition under Bobby Moore. But we have some world-class players like Wayne Rooney and if we can find the form the team enjoyed in qualifying, we should proceed a respectable way.
The conventional wisdom might suggest in the scheme of things none of this really matters. But this time round, at least, I think it does. The nation could do with a morale boost.
There seems to be a ceaseless stream of bad news from a mad gunman in Cumbria, BP’s oil spill disaster, a battered economy, which is about to trigger a savage emergency Budget, the damning Bloody Sunday report, and the continuing casualties in Afghanistan.
However trivial it might be, football isn’t called the beautiful game for nothing. It provides some of the cement that helps bind modern society together. With a few nasty exceptions it is a harmless outlet for fanaticism – religion without the stake burning.
For many men and a substantial number of women their team’s performance on a Saturday is the point of social contact – in the form of jokes and discussion – at work the following Monday.
This cohesion is written large when the national team plays. It can’t be much fun for the other national sides of the British Isles, although they can follow results both ways taking some comfort whether England wins or loses.
All that's left to say is "Come on England!"


  1. It's a mug's game trying to forecast results in this World Cup.

  2. True. My pundit button is on hold for the rest of the competition. GC


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