Monday, 7 June 2010

Exclusive: the art work Charles Saatchi forgot

Newspeak: British Art Now, the exhibition "featuring some of the most exciting artists to have emerged in the UK in the last few years who are largely unknown in the wider art world" just opened in London's Saatchi Gallery should have a late addition to be truly representative.

Untitled:Priceless 9.25am
Waterproof material, plastic, steel
23 x 6 x 3 cm

Grapefruitcrazy's work is heavily influenced by being caught in the rain as a young child. The instruction by his mother to always carry an umbrella had profound consequences on his world view. Untitled:Priceless indeed has all the outward appearance of an umbrella. Unlike Marcel Duchamp's urinal installation, GC's art trouve can provide the viewer with practical relief, as it does, from inclement weather. It can offer shade too - a clear reference to the debate on global warming. The piece operates on many levels. 'Priceless' because GC found the "umbrella" on a bus. 'Untitled' is an oblique reference to the work's missing cover. In a gender-sensitive world, the collapsible phallus will always remain incomplete until it is reunited with its sheath. Grapefruitcrazy says, "Picasso's sculpture has been a strong influence on my work, as has my desire to exploit the gullibility of both art collectors and critics."


What do you think? GC