Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Are Facebook fans saddos?

Somehow the BBC’s under-construction 2012 Olympics microsite slipped out on to the Internet. Under the ‘Follow Us’ widget box some bright spark had written the following ‘jokey’ holding copy – You can also become a saddo on Facebook.
The story on the excellent The Media Blog earlier this week was picked up and circulated prompting the to-be-expected outrage of Facebook users.
Now I don’t concur with the web production member – if he or she held on to their job – that Facebook users are by definition saddos. But I can see how the uncharitable could hold such a view where it is used to excess.
I joined Facebook about 18 months ago as part of an attempt to launch a new career as a freelance business journalist. I never really mastered the finer details and have only contributed twice in that time plus a couple of messages.
I collected perhaps 20 Friends (people who I knew already) – the majority of whom to my mind use this social media to good effect. But there are a couple though – maybe three - who seem addicted to the process.
Intelligent people whom I always considered led full lives. Yet they’re up there every time I log on sharing the minutiae of their day bar their bowel movements.
So who’s the saddo? Them with the egotistical belief their friends are fascinated with their every thought or me in splendid isolation who prefers to lecture a mostly disinterested world behind a pseudonym.

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