Friday, 16 July 2010

Boris Johnson - paternity riddle mustn't divert London's mayor.

Even an habitual attention seeker like London mayor Boris Johnson cannot enjoy the current media spotlight on his love life. The Daily Mail has gone as far as it can to link him to the parentage of the lovechild daughter of socialite Helen Macintyre.
The newspaper should be in hot water, if not with Johnson’s lawyers, then with the Press Complaints Commission for publishing a picture of the infant in an effort to add a “who’s the daddy?” edge to its story.
We need a strong mayor to stand up for London in the coming spending cuts and Boris mustn't be diverted by this latest furore.
Out of hours the position of Johnson’s zipper has no bearing on his ability to do his day job and should be of no concern other than to himself, Mrs Johnson, and perhaps any posh totty vulnerable to a heady cocktail of charm and danger.
But gossip about our ‘betters’ has been intriguing Londoners from before Samuel Pepys and John Aubrey. The internet has only whetted the public appetite for such tidbits. ‘UK celebrity gossip’ scores nearly 3 million results on Google.
Johnson was elected in 2008 in part because Londoners deemed the gaffe-prone, blond floppy haired, bike riding politician was more in step with life in our vibrant capital than worn-out looking incumbent Ken Livingstone.
Boris is supremely confident and clearly has a high opinion of his own intelligence. This exposes him to the charge of hubris but to date he has kept nemesis at bay.
The mayor’s previous alleged dalliances are said to have been within his own social circle. There’s never been a former Page 3 stunner, who, as her fortune drooped, was able to kiss-and-tell the Red Tops about Johnson’s performance under the duvet.
Unless Mrs. Johnson kicks up rough, Boris is likely to emerge unscathed regardless of whether there is any truth in the Daily Mail’s winks and nudges or not. But only as far as his London mayoralty is concerned.
I expect any serious speculation that Johnson might one day succeed David Cameron as leader of the Conservative Party will move to the outer rings of possibility. If the Tory-LibDem coalition goes belly-up, the party faithful will want a less controversial replacement.


  1. OK GC. But Boris has said he will take a DNA test and then support the child if the test show it to be his, says Jaffa.

  2. I wonder if Boris is a member of that Tory hedonist group. Do you know GC what they call themselves? Jaffa asks.

  3. The only group Boris belongs to is the Gang of One. GC


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