Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Do you need to get out more? Test yourself with Grapefruitcrazy's exclusive survey.

1. Do you check the next day’s TV schedules?
2. Have you stopped setting your alarm?
3. Are there days when you’re not washed/dressed by 10am?
4. Are you relieved when it rains?
5. Do you eat food straight out of its original packaging?
6. Are you spending more than two hours a day surfing the Internet?
7. Have you become more sensitive to your neighbours’ noise?
8. Do you get a sense of achievement squeezing your blackheads?
9. If you had a time machine would you rather go back than forward?
10. Do you prefer to watch movies on the television rather than in the cinema?
11. Do you drive/use public transport less than three times a week?
12. Do you drink alcohol more often alone than in company?
13. Do you think members of the opposite sex are too thick to appreciate your virtues?
14. Likewise do you consider those in your age group as too old to fancy?
15. Are you starting to hear voices?
16. Are they telling you spiders from Mars are really among us?
17. Have you recently added an aluminium foil lining to your balaclava?
18. Has it worked?
19. Are you thinking about standing for political office?
20. Do you like Marmite?

ANALYSIS: If you are under 60 and answered YES to 5 or more questions you should consider getting a life. If you are over 60 and answered YES to 5 or more you do need to get out more. If you are over 60 and answered YES to 15 or more you should definitely stay in preferably in a secure environment.


  1. GC.[Grapefruitcrazy]. You missed 'Have you been filling out too many surveys, lately?', says Jaffa.

  2. haha I agree with the above! Though strangley I answered yes to eight of the above and at the tender age of 26 am slightly worried??

  3. Dan,
    Dr. Grapefruitcrazy prescribes a course of salsa classes to be taken immediately. GC


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