Friday, 23 July 2010

Katy Perry, Marianne Faithfull, and me

The Katy Perry tribute video is hot stuff at the foot of this post. The humour she invests in her performances suggests she must have had some British in her even before she met Russell Brand.
But undeniably sexy, her skimpy costumes and raunchy poses veer more to the cartoon than the sensual. A beautiful and talented woman, the longevity of her career might be better served with the thought that less can be more.
I remember it was around the mid-Sixties and I had a tough school holiday job working in a warehouse. I arrived late one morning to find my four full-time co-workers studying a picture in an awed silence.
It was a music paper and the object of their wonder was a full-page colour picture of Marianne Faithfull. She was sitting demurely in a long dress under a tree.
The folk singer’s beauty found these rough and ready men stumbling for the words to express their desire. Eventually one said, “I’d crawl a mile over broken glass for that.” The rest of us could only agree.
I doubt in similar circumstances today Katy Perry would provoke the same yearning. But all would agree Russell Brand is a very lucky man.


  1. Well Grapefruitcrazy, the lyrics of Katy Perry's new single are a little bit interesting, says Jaffa, if a touch dated, weepy,grungy and dirgey.Is that what allegedly associating with Russell Brand allegedly does to one, ie allegedly screws up one's talent?

  2. For the record KP's new single is Teenage Dream the title of her album. The music that accompanies the video is The Driveway. GC


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