Thursday, 8 July 2010

New Labour - same old mess

As to be expected Labour’s procedure for electing a new leader in time for late September’s party conference is already deemed a mess and ripe for a re-think.
By all accounts the long series of regional hustings, which the five candidates are expected to attend, are a joke and have something of the Dragon’s Den approach to intellectual debate about them. Give us your worldview in a couple of minutes and then answer a few questions.
One candidate Andy Burnham – who stands no chance – is already complaining about being the target of a “malicious” briefing with the finger of suspicion (since denied) pointing towards the rival camp of Ed Balls – another no-hoper as is Diane Abbott.
The bookies' favourite and that of Labour’s millionaire supporters is David Miliband in the Blairite corner. The close association with Gordon Brown tarnishes brother Ed who is David’s most serious challenger and does have the capacity to cause an upset.
David Cameron won’t be losing any sleep for the time being. He saw a commanding lead over Labour in the opinion polls melt away to the extent the Conservatives needed Lib Dem support to take office.
But in a shrewd move he pushed through the Coalition neutralising his own right wing at the same time setting up the Lib Dems as fall guys when the public spending cuts begin to draw blood.
Missing from all the fun is former prime minister Brown who seems to have rediscovered his Scottish roots, while continuing to draw a salary for his Westminster job.
If the Milibands, Balls & Co had the same bottle shown by the governing Australian Labor party in dumping an unpopular prime minister ahead of a General Election, they might still be in government.


  1. You are quite correct GC says Jaffa. Even a potentially turbo charged candidate as David Miliband is being let down by a system that is creaking at the seams.

  2. Well Grapefruitcrazy, Jaffa wishes to add to his/my comments of 18/07/2010. One has to remember that with 3 straight election wins in a row and 13 years in power, 'New'Labour had become a formidable election machine in its own right. But that period has come and gone "not with a bang but with a whimper". And the party has lost its cutting edge vanguard, Blair, Brown, Mandleson, Campbell, et al, all now consigned to history.

    So will there be a 'New Jerusalem'? Have the Miliband[s] et al got the Balls? As the cuts bite deeper and the victims of the Great Recession mount and despair stalks large sections of the nation again, then the gap between the government of the day will reduce once more to wafer thin.

    But it will take more than the pretty boy Milibands to resurrect Labour's winning streak. It will take Balls and Cooper. It will take modern administration and a fleetness of foot that characterized Blair and Co in opposition, plus someone capable of hitting hammer blows. Make no mistake they are up against a radical Cameron led government which is seeking once again to completely change the nature of our society. Labour will have to dig deep and quickly at that, just to keep up. At the moment there is no sign from them that they understand the 'danger' to their/Labour values which they have just ushered in by default. The Con-Libs will need 10 years, that is two lots of the new proposed fixed 5 year terms. Will Clegg and Co be prepared to sell their collective soul for that long to drink deep from the trough of naked ambition and power? Wherefore now England, my England ?


What do you think? GC