Thursday, 15 July 2010

St Andrews Open - the four-day yawn

I know now how excruciating it must have been for people who had no interest in soccer to have spent the four weeks of the World Cup. The Open Championship at St Andrews is only a few hours old and I’m already wondering how I can avoid all mention of the four-day event when I open a newspaper or turn on the radio or television.
I’ve never played the game but I imagine it can be pleasant to go for a walk with a few friends spoiled only by the necessity to chase small balls with long sticks around the countryside.
That there is a television audience for golf competitions is mystifying but the thought that many thousands of people will brave the weather to follow the players around St Andrews is incomprehensible.
With bogeys and birdies, the language of the nursery is at least appropriate to the sport. The prize money and sponsorship deals that golf attracts are, however, very grown up. It’s a pity that so much time, effort, and cash cannot find a better cause.
You know that you’ve abandoned rules of reason when the paisley pattern trousers of golfer John Daly are a major talking point.
And then there’s Tiger Woods, apparently now reformed and repentant. But at his sulky worst it was difficult to think of a world No.1 sports star that had so many advantages from birth and yet turned out to be such a poor role model.
On the golf course his spitting, swearing, and equipment abuse was a clue to how he might be conducting his home life. He remains however the biggest attraction in golf, which just about says it all.

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