Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Vanessa Paradis, the Wife of Bath, toothache, and me

Never go to a movie with a toothache; it will change your whole perception of the film. I had some hours to kill yesterday before my dentist could see me. So I went to my local multiplex. where I found the French rom-com Heartbreaker (L’Arnacoeur) about to start.
Thanks to the charm of its leads Romaine Duris and Johnny Depp’s other half Vanessa Paradis – and the dazzling scenery around Monte Carlo – it’s a good few notches above standard US fare.
The story is something about con man Duris being employed to break up Paradis’s intended marriage with the inevitable conclusion; the pain in my jaw made it difficult to get closely engaged in the plot.
My predicament set my focus of attention elsewhere, the teeth of the film’s stars. Duris’s pearly whites were fine. The rest of him is in the Belmondo mode. It defeats me why carrying three day’s beard growth is sexy; for a woman it must be like snogging a hedgehog.
Ah, but Vanessa Paradis – the gap between her front teeth was almost worth the price of the ticket. Never before in the history of cinema can, what is after all an empty space, have been put to such alluring effect on the screen.
A gap was considered a sign of lasciviousness in Geoffrey Chaucer’s day – the lusty Wife of Bath in his Canturbury Tales is “gat-tothed”. I’ve carried this thought with me ever since an English teacher pointed it out long ago. Despite what you can read on the edge of Tube platforms, I never mind the gap.
By the way my dentist didn’t find the source of my discomfort and I’m suffering fluctuating levels of pain as I write.

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  1. The film sounds good GC , but I am not so sure about youir teeth, says Jaffa.


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