Thursday, 16 September 2010

Do you have a special romantic song?

Do young couples still have a special song, which they treasure through the years? Given Britain’s divorce rate Slap My Bitch Up might be more appropriate of the harmony to come.
My parents’ song was Billy Eckstine’s version of September Song, the video of which accompanies this post.
I’ve included a link to Frank Sinatra’s treatment, which incorporates the song’s lyrics on screen. His respect for the words, his phrasing is nothing short of magical.
The melancholy theme of September Song initially struck me as an odd choice of tune for a young couple as my parents would have been in the 1940s.
But it was wartime and I imagine living through the Blitz meant sudden death could visit them from the skies.
They must have had a heightened sense of the preciousness of life. Those of us now in the September of their lives should take heed of the song's sentiments.
The nearest thing my ex and I had to a special song was Leo Sayer’s When I need you. Back in the 1970s young love had got drunk together one lunchtime and bought the single on the way back to Passion Central.
It’s still a lovely song but in the light of events this link teams the Curly One with The Muppets.

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