Friday, 3 September 2010

From Arnie to The Sun - 10 guilty pleasures

Arnold Schwarzenegger – I’ve always liked Arnie ever since 1977 and Pumping Iron. His tongue-twisting name and sense of irony somehow made his muscle-bound body appealing even to the bicep challenged like me. I’m too far away to judge him as a politician but, particularly, as a sci-fi hero – The Terminator, Predator, Total Recall – there is no equal.

Baths – I can imagine years from now wars being fought over water rights. But while recognising the green agenda and the need to conserve water, I’m not ready to embrace showers; at my age I need a warm place to think.

Chas & Dave – the Rockney duo Chas Hodges and Dave Peacock of Gertcha and Rabbit fame – seem to have been around forever. Along with Madness, Ian Dury, they are London balladeers. Dave retired recently after the death of his wife but a farewell tour is planned.

Eurovision Song Contest – it will never be the same now that Sir Terry Wogan no longer commentates but the show remains the annual high point of television kitsch.

Ice cream – as a diabetic treated by diet, ice cream is a treat I award myself only after a long walk. It has to be good quality and always in a cone – tubs are for wimps.

Jeans – after a working life dressed in suits, I’m now a seven day a week jeans man. I’ve been wearing blue denim for over 50 years. At 65 maybe I’m too old for T-shirt and jeans attire but I don’t now how to dress with the same comfort and practicality.

Naps – of the afternoon variety are still a novelty rather than a necessity but it’s nice to have a choice. – I enjoy a five-minute daily dose of inconsequential gossip even if I’ve never heard of most of Perez’s personality-targets – for example, who is Kim Kardashian?

Seaside pleasure piers – I know Brighton and Southend piers best.

The Sun newspaper – in London the Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid costs just 20p (30 cents), which makes it very disposable, and therefore a perfect 10-minute read for four or five stops on the Tube. The sports pages are excellent while the Page 3 topless stunner remains as sexy as cold porridge.

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