Friday, 10 September 2010

Labour has lost its way in the hunt for Andy Coulson's head

The Labour Party is in danger of overplaying its hand in its bid to embarrass the Prime Minister by forcing the resignation of his under fire spinmaster Andy Coulson.
So far no smoking gun has emerged to challenge Coulson’s position that he had no knowledge underlings were hacking mobile phones, while he was editor of the News of the World.
There are now so many separate inquiries the truth should surface quite quickly. Coulson will be shown either to have been economical with the actualité or having lost control of the newsroom. Assuming responsibility by resigning when the phone tapping row first broke, however, will count in his favour.
Meanwhile speculation continues to run and run led by those who would love to discomfort the NoW’s owner Rupert Murdoch – the BBC, The Guardian, and the New York Times. To this list you can add the Labour Party, although while in office it schmoozed Murdoch the man and his papers. Gordon Brown was just as relaxed as the Metropolitan Police to let the NoW hacking rest with two jail sentences.
Making no judgement on Coulson’s innocence or guilt, I expect David Cameron to let Coulson go. It’s that old thing when the press chief becomes the story…
I’m certain any departure will have little resonance in the country as a whole. Yet, for example, Shadow justice minister Jack Straw used his allotted questions at PMQs this week losing a battle of words with Nick Clegg over the Coulson affair.
Labour MPs would do well to remember the Coalition is at its weakest as we approach the spending cuts. This is where they should be training their big guns - time better spent defending jobs than pursuing a vendetta that has little relevance outside of the Westminster village.


  1. I dunno GC. Says Jaffa. Job well done, followed by new job with the Tories? He will stay. Only Labour and what's left of the civil rights media will want his head. As you may have noticed from Kelvin Mackenzie on Newsnight, last night, certain sewage soiled members of the gutter press believe that they have a divine right to tap up a policeman etc for info. Divine right? Yes as bestowed upon them by the Lord God himself--Murdoch !

  2. Yes GC. You are of course correct as to where Labour should be fixing its focus. You have commented before in your blog and I have added my voice as to th old fashioned and leisurely pace of Labour's choice of a new leader. We are now in the 5 th month, repeat the 5 th month since the election. Where is Labour as we dive bomb into a new era of 20 per cent VAT, taxation 'errors', 2nd tranche of the fuel tax, increasing unemployment and severe benefit cuts and growing work force unrest?
    I'll tell you where. We are still watching TV programs watching the candidates line up to tell us why he or she would make a good leader. [what a farce, when we the general public have no official say in the leadership contest]. There are no LEADERS any more, currently across our/the political spectrum, only THE PROCESS. Hang on to the rails; the waters, they are a-storming !

  3. Thanks Jaffa for both comments. I think we can agree whether Coulson stays or goes it will mean little to the British electorate. Either way he hasn't much of a track record - the Tories almost turned certain victory into deafeat and needed a Coalition to take power. GC

  4. Well GC. At least he is more effective than Amanda Platell. I'll say ! Says Jaffa.


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