Monday, 6 September 2010

Satisfying sex, loose shoes and a warm bathroom*

Back in 1976 Earl Butz, US Secretary of Agriculture in the Gerald Ford administration, resigned after he made a nasty racist jibe which found its way into Rolling Stone magazine.
Asked why there weren’t more blacks in the Republican Party, he had replied, “the only thing coloreds are looking for in life are tight pussy, loose shoes, and a warm place to shit.”
Fast-forward to 1980 and the movie comedy Coming Attractions directed by Ira Miller later re-released as Loose Shoes. In what was judged an otherwise unremarkable comedy sketch film, which strung spoof trailers together, is a brilliant segment called Dark Town After Dark.
It is a faithful send up of black cast films of the 1930s. A Cab Calloway-like jazz orchestra leader - an all-singing, all-dancing David Downing – takes Butz’s mean words and turns them on their head.
A fusion of humour, irony, syncopated rhythm, and an overriding intelligence is in evidence and is as good a demolition of Butz’s racial stereotyping as I can imagine.
I hope you agree when you watch the following clip.

*Butz's snide remark as cleaned up by The New York Times in his obituary in 2008.

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