Tuesday, 26 October 2010

10 things you already know about Christmas Day

1. Nobody should be alone the whole of Christmas Day. Where it is within your power to visit or better still invite such a person to your lunch, you should do so.
2. You will receive at least one present which although well meant will reveal how little the giver really knows about you.
3. Youngsters are an essential part for setting the Christmas mood, until they reach two when they become a nuisance. Their noise grows geometrically with increasing numbers.
4. An expensive toy will be rendered useless by the end of the day.
5. Lunch will be at least an hour behind schedule by which time you’ll wish you hadn’t scoffed so many nibbles.
6. There is unlikely to be more than an hour’s worth of decent television.
7. Some family resentment that has been bottled up all year will raise to the surface.
8. You will decline your guests’ offer to help wash up and then feel bitter you have been left with the chore.
9. At some point you’ll be reminded that the purpose of Christmas is to celebrate the Nativity and despair that its message has been lost when you watch the TV news.
10. You will resolve to do things differently next year.

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  1. Yes GC. You got it right..."Deep and crisp and even".


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