Monday, 18 October 2010

The best of Wayne Rooney's brains are in his feet....

The best of Wayne Rooney’s brains are in his feet. The Manchester United player’s smartest moves were teaming up with Coleen and allowing manager Sir Alex Ferguson to develop his talent to super soccer stardom. Foolishly he has strained both relationships.
Hopefully his marriage has survived kiss-and-tell revelations in the Sunday tabloids. Healing the rift with Ferguson might prove a taller order, even if Rooney achieves a return to the form that dropped off so spectacularly at the World Cup and since.
Rooney’s contract is up in 2012 and if he continues to resist signing a new one, he could be sold in the transfer window in January.
Both men are as charmless as the other. But fans are certain to back the manager of the Red Devils for nearly a quarter of a century if it came to a sale, as long as it was seen as Ferguson’s decision and not that of the team’s unloved owners, the Glazers.
None of this matters a jot in the greater scheme of things but the story, which has been seized on by all shades of the media, is welcome relief to the gloom descending over the country ahead of Wednesday’s public spending cuts.
We are in need of diversion and it doesn’t come better than moody Rooney arguing the toss with 'hairdryer' Ferguson about his fitness and team selection.
There are, however, only a handful of clubs with enough ready cash to buy Rooney. It would be extraordinary if he were to take the same route as Carlos Tevez from Man U. to Manchester City.
The player might be better served by spending time out of the spotlight and going abroad to, say, Real Madrid, if Jose Mourinho would have him. But it’s difficult to see Rooney settling in a foreign country.
Whatever the outcome there is definitely going to be a vacancy to fill at Manchester United. Ferguson will be 69 soon; ironically Mourinho’s name will be in the frame to replace him when the time comes.


  1. It's all about "Brand Rooney", and the sponsors that are pulling out on the back of the domestic scandal, says Jaffa.

  2. Coleen has shown more loyalty to Wayne than he has to her - and his club. GC

  3. We now find that Rooney has been banned for 3 World Cup finals matches for his latest red card. Once again the judgement of both Rooney and Capello have to be questioned; as does that of club manager Ferguson, who defended Rooney by saying that his behaviour had improved a lot. How long does he need?


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