Thursday, 28 October 2010

I don’t get The X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing

I don’t get The X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing. It is a fault in my DNA. I must lack the gene that feeds on manufactured hysteria. As a consequence I’m beginning to feel like a stranger in my own country when I turn to the gossip pages in the popular press and online.
They are crammed full of stories – often sob stories – about people from the shows who I will have never heard of - apart from Cheryl Cole and Ann Widdecombe.
The X Factor has achieved television audiences that have topped 15 million and Strictly 10 million. There is a dearth of television entertainment that appeals across the generations and good luck to any show that brings families together.
I should be a sucker for both programmes having always been a fan of talent competitions and ballroom dancing. But I find the desperate love-me love-me entreaties of the contestants somehow unBritish and the idea that I might vote for them from my armchair risible.
I don’t think I’m being a snob. I am interested in trends in contemporary life and celebrity culture is an important strand. I will dip into showbiz websites Perez Hilton and TMZ as much as I do the political blogger Guido Fawkes.
I followed the first few series of Big Brother and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. But after a while I lost interest in being complicit in fostering the exhibitionism of the contestants. Phone voting shows are dogging for the masses.

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  1. You're not alone... over the past few years I have come to *loathe* any form of reality TV. I miss good drama! And yes, there is a distinct lack of it, pity.


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