Monday, 11 October 2010

Karen Owen's F**k List - the view from London

The rumpus sparked by Duke University graduate Karen Owen’s 42-page PowerPoint mock thesis in which she details 13 booze-driven one-night-stands – names, photos, penis sizes, performance etc – with campus star athletes, seems to make too much allowance that she is a woman.
If An education beyond the classroom: excelling in the realm of horizontal academics had been written by a man and subsequently minutiae about the sex lives of 13 woman students had leaked across the internet, TV bulletins, and newspapers, the reaction to date would have been much more critical.
Men may boast about their conquests to their locker room buddies but there is no comparison to the way the privacy of Karen Owen’s “hook ups” has been shattered internationally.
I won’t add to their embarrassment with a link to the actual thesis. It is all over the internet and not always redacted. This link covers the salient points.
First off, there is the question of motive. A lot of hard work has gone into producing the thesis – in addition to the actual ‘research’ – apparently just to amuse a small number of female friends.
Owen is clearly intelligent and literate and, therefore, you would expect her to realise she couldn’t control the distribution of the thesis once she had pressed ‘send’.
I’m reminded of the minor media stir caused by Lynn Barber in the UK a few months ago. She is the journalist on whose experiences Carey Mulligan’s movie An Education is based.
Barber told a radio programme that back in the early 1960s she had slept with 50 men in just two eight-week terms on arriving at Oxford University. Then she stopped and was soon to meet the love her life, David Cardiff.
So I won’t comment at length on Owen’s promiscuity. Boozy, aggressive, casual sex must raise the chances of unwanted pregnancy and STDs. There is the prospect of psychological damage too.
In the sexual arena there may be nothing as exciting as the initial lust-fuelled shag. But always moving on via multiple partners in pursuit of the next adrenaline rush doesn’t leave any room for love – a word noticeable by its absence in Owen’s thesis.
Given the way men are hotwired, it should be possible for most women to find sex if they so desire. Not so simple, whatever your gender, is finding love, which is vital to a happy life.
I hope Owen discovers this quest takes precedence over not being able to walk, as she says, “in all the best ways” after a particularly steamy session.
PS. This link provides some multi-source video news analysis on the story.

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  1. "Love is all you need", says Jaffa.


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