Thursday, 25 November 2010

David Cameron's John Bercow 'dwarf' joke leaves PM looking Dopey.

David Cameron has shown poor judgement in continuing to deride Commons Speaker John Bercow’s modest stature. Cameron believes Bercow – though previously a Tory MP, he only took office with Labour support – is biased in favour of the Opposition.
At a Parliamentary Press Gallery lunch yesterday the Coalition leader repeated a joke said to have been made by health minister Simon Burns.
Following a traffic incident between their two cars, Bercow is said to have said, “I’m not happy” to which Burns replied, “Which one are you?” – a reference to Snow White’s Seven Dwarves.
I’m around the same height as Bercow – let’s say 5ft 6in – and take no exception to the wisecrack. Many would be happy to step into his size 6's. Bercow has carved a successful political career; his taller wife Sally is attractive if gabby; and despite his lack of inches he manages to keep getting in the Prime Minister's face.
Walking with Giants Foundation (WWGF), the primordial dwarfism and other forms of restricted growth charity, however, took strong exception to the jibe. Co-founder John Connerty's attack on the “totally unacceptable and downright appalling” joke might be over-reaction was it not for the fact Burns had previously got into hot water on similar grounds.
In June he apologised for calling Bercow a “stupid, sanctimonious dwarf” in the Commons having drawn fire from WWGF.
So it was a dangerous path for Cameron to travel in pursuit of an easy laugh. But the joke was only part of Cameron’s anti-Bercow patter. He threw in an impersonation of how a bossy Bercow might act at the Royal Wedding and made reference to Mrs Bercow, a Labour activist.
Cameron was the first serving Prime Minister to attend the Press club lunch since Mrs Thatcher and it would be a pity if in future he ducks such occasions in case he strays from the politically correct.
But this time I have to agree with Sally Bercow who told her Twitter followers today: ““If Mr B's a dwarf then I'm Snow White. And David Cameron is *definitely* Dopey.”


  1. Hey GC.! Exclaims Jaffa. Somebody obviously got a bit Dopey ! Actually the original 7 dwarves as in the Brothers Grimm stories were originally named after the 7 days of the week, sunday, monday etc. It was Walt Disney who changed them.

  2. Regarding the original incident GC, says Jaffa, somebody actually got a bit Lucky ! But then he was never one of the 7 dwarves. But he WAS and IS a character in Samuel Beckett's great play "Waiting for Godot".


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