Monday, 29 November 2010

Eating out - GC's 10 top tips

1. Always be nice to restaurant staff – seek their advice when you order. Never be rude whatever the provocation. There’s too many ways these usually hard-working, underpaid people can be revenged – losing your coat, spitting in your soup etc.
2. Complain before you’re seated if you don’t like your table’s position. Some restaurants either want to put you in the window to make the place look popular or else try to get rid of their worst tables first. They won’t be surprised if you don’t want to sit opposite the toilets etc. Be prepared to leave if you're unhappy.
3. Make sure you’re given all the establishment’s menus. Some places are reluctant to advertise their cheaper menus which are aimed at regulars.
4. Often the shorter the menu, the more care in the quality and preparation of the food.
5. Think twice before calling for salt/pepper if there’s none on your table – it means the chef believes he/she knows best how to season your food.
6. The house wine should be a good bet.
7. Don’t be afraid to ask for tap water.
8. Check whether service is included on your bill.
9. Take your credit card receipt home with you.
10. If you can, check out the local restaurants the night before to see which are popular.

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  1. Yes GC. Says Jaffa. Regarding waiters spitting in your soup that is exactly what George Orwell details in his book "Down and out in Paris and London". As a "plongeur" [ie a dish washerupper] in some of the finest hotels in each capital he witnessed just this in the kitchens. Moreover a roast chicken might slip off its plate onto the floor in the kitchen, be put back onto another plate and then be conveyed out to the customer in the restaurant.

    You have mentioned the essence of a good curry and good curry 'houses' in some of your earlier pieces. I certainy hope you do not have any friends [I actually typed 'fiends' before I corrected it] who complain or kick up in the way you detail here, when you are in a curry house with them.


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