Tuesday, 23 November 2010

William, Kate and the Blue Meanies - reflections on the Royal Wedding

The announcement today that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding will be on April 29th next year – and news of a Bank Holiday to mark the nuptials – will put the British monarchy under a close scrutiny not seen since the marriage of Charles and Camilla.
Respect for the Queen is pretty solid throughout the country. But for the most part indifference rules about the rest of the Royals, despite the noises on the fringe made by pro and anti-monarchists.
I date this disillusion from the melodrama that surrounded the life and death of Princess Diana. I might cross the road to see a Royal but I wouldn’t catch a bus.
For me the monarchy is a constitutional issue. Too much aggravation would accompany moves towards a republic and the election of a president as head of state.
So while they continue to support good causes, boost our tourist industry and as long as they aren’t a massive drain on tax payers, I won’t be losing any sleep over the accidents of birth that bestowed vast wealth and ridiculously privileged lives on the Royals.
At least with the addition of commoner Kate, there should be an improvement in the Royal Family's gene pool.
I’m looking forward to the distraction from our present day economic woes that, with all its ceremony and kitsch, will accompany preparations ahead of the wedding.
As for the event itself, I hope the Blue Meanies don’t over do the calls for austerity. Putting a price on every flag, firework, balloon, and piece of bunting across the country will cast a pall over what should be a happy day not just for William and Kate but the rest of us.
The way the cuts are shaping we will be in need of a good knees-up by the spring.

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  1. Kate looks very fetching wearing a hat, says Jaffa.


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