Friday, 3 December 2010

The best way for English football to shame Fifa

Now we know the bidding process for staging the 2018 World Cup was a stitch-up, the best way for English football to shame Fifa is to win the competition before too long.
In the light of our miserable showing in South Africa this summer, this is never going to happen until we develop a squad of exceptionally skilled players rather depend on one or two stars having a good tournament. Here are a few thoughts in no particular order how this might be achieved one day.
1. Where youngsters are playing, coaches – whether teachers or parents – have to get used to the notion that winning games isn’t as important as learning how to control and pass a soccer ball. Competitive games between kids favours kick and rush tactics – often urged on by adults shouting from the touchlines – and discourage gifted children acquiring ball skills.
2. Where school playing fields still survive, they need to be preserved.
3. From after-school soccer clubs to full blown academies, money has to be invested with the aim of ‘growing’ the next generation of English football talent.
4. It is too early to judge the new Premier League squad rules but they may have to be further tightened to encourage clubs to use home grown players.
5. If at all possible the England manager to follow Fabio Capello should be British.
6. A cap should be introduced on Premiership salaries to allow more money to be spent on player and ground development. But players should face fewer fixtures to extend their careers.
7. This means fewer friendlies at national and club levels.
8. There should also be a winter break.
9. Video technologies should be introduced where possible to support referees.
10. To foster open play in the event of a draw the club which has taken the most corner kicks and throw ins should collect the point.

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  1. Dear GC. I [Jaffa] would like to thank you for your concerns [in this your current blog and the one that preceded it] regarding your views on whether the FIFA/World Cup system is ethical, fair and transparent and as to how England might win the soccer World Cup.

    Regarding the fooball skills factor can I perhaps be permitted to direct you [and your readers] to Chris Wright's article of November 19 th 2010 entitled; Is The FA's New 'Centre of Excellence' A Decade Too Late?
    [I believe you will find it if you google it etc, exactly as I have written it here.]
    This article is part of a site called . I believe that you and your readers will also find amongst the other articles and blogs etc on the site, explanations as to why the 2 apparently least favourite countries, Russia and Qatar succeeded, respectively.
    Soccer is an issue that goes deep into the popular English psyche; so I think that we will all have to stop kidding ourselves about the state of the game in England on and off the pitch: plus not allowing ourselves to be naive ever again as to how the bureaucratic side of international soccer operates. Yours Jaffa.


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