Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Frankie Boyle drowns in his Tramadol cesspit

Frankie Boyle’s Tramadol Nights on Channel 4 at 10pm yesterday lived up to the billing of its sponsor Foster’s lager as representing original comedy. A laugh-free 35 minutes of combined stand-up and sketches were certainly a new approach to the format.
The studio audience must have been tanked up before they arrived to mistake the Glaswegian’s flood of obscenities as humour.
The biggest laugh was off-stage. There was no preview material available for critics ostensibly because the show was said to be so topical. This excuse hardly seemed to square with long unfunny sketches based on piss-takes of Knight Rider, The Green Mile, and something to do with Brokeback Mountain.
Boyle’s stand-up patter could hardly be classed as up-to-the-minute either taking digs at the Pope’s visit to Britain, grunting tennis players, and George Michael’s traffic accident. Where was his take on rioting students, for example?
For the most part Boyle sought outrage with references to either sexually abused or dead children. I doubt if Calpol will be taking any more advertising slots in the show’s half-way spot.
Boyle’s unpardonable crime wasn’t that he was obscene and completely tasteless – he wasn’t funny. It was as though Bill Hicks had never lived or that Ricky Gervais hadn’t shown how there was laughter to be had in the darkest stand-up material.
There was a good sight gag where the panellists on the Iranian version of Loose Women were instantly hung. But it was all too soon back to Boyle.
Frankie on this performance, don’t think about giving up your night job.

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  1. Give up my night job? I can't even get a day job.


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