Friday, 24 December 2010

Put the baby Jesus back into Christmas

Britain is a pretty godless land. This is never clearer than at Christmas time. For more than a month now the approaching holiday season has dominated our high streets, press and television, and - no one can know but a reasonable surmise – everyone’s thinking.
All the planning has gone into celebrating a secular event not a religious one. Just as when I was young, families will be getting together and presents exchanged; the big difference is the story of the Nativity will not get a look in.
If my children were still at church schools or if I was a churchgoer myself, the birth of the baby Jesus would be relevant to the next few days. Popular culture seems, however, as if it would prefer to over look the story – perhaps in pursuit of misplaced political correctness.
Even though I’m an atheist, I believe the country is the poorer for erasing the spiritual significance of Christmas.
If this is hypocritical of me then so be it. I miss the carols, the stable, the manger, the shepherds, the three wise men, Mary, Joseph, and the hope that comes with a new birth.
Like any religion regrettable things have been done in the name of Christianity but I can’t see how anyone can take exception to the story of the Nativity.
The shame is these days a traditional Christmas is more likely to mean Santa Claus, Jingle Bells, pigging out, and falling asleep in front of the television.
I’m going to leave you with a favourite carol We Three Kings Of Orient Are. To finish I’d like to wish a very Merry Christmas to one and all.

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  1. Very nice GC. You really hit the spot with that beautiful rendering of "We Three Kings" etc. Peace and love to you too and a very kool yule. Jaffa.


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