Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Something about The Beatles and Abbey Road

It’s great news for all Beatles fans that the pedestrian crossing featured on the cover of the Fab Four’s 1969 album Abbey Road was designated a heritage site earlier today. It is the first time so-called Grade II status has been granted to anything other than a historic UK building.
My February 16th post Come together to celebrate The Beatles at Abbey Road focused on the importance of the North London recording studio - which is adjacent to the zebra crossing – and the central role it played in The Beatles story.
The BBC found tourists today delighted despite sub-zero temperatures to make a pilgrimage so they can follow in their heroes’ footsteps (even though the crossing has been moved a few metres from its original position).
The Beatles are as relevant as ever. This recent entry from the features section of the website of guitar kings names The Beatles as "the greatest band of all time" and awards the group premier ranking in its Revolutionary Hall of Fame.
My favourite track on the Abbey Road album is Something. It’s composed by George and was rated by John and Paul as the best song he ever wrote. Have a look too at the love song's promotional video below, which features the four with the women in their lives. Perhaps you’ll agree, it is a celebration of their lives yet sad to the point of tears knowing what was to follow.


  1. Yes, GC, says Jaffa, "Something was really something and so were the The Beatles.

  2. Long live Abbey Rd, love it GC..


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