Friday, 28 January 2011

Rampant sexism in modern Britain is a myth

There is an obvious error of logic committed by those women in the media,who have latched on to the recent sacking of two Sky Sports chauvinist dinosaurs; the male sexist conspiracy doesn’t seem to have damaged their career paths.
I don’t care much for the reply to ‘men are sexist pigs’ stories by male writers, who claim women have an unfair advantage in that they can bad-mouth men with impunity.
The truth is sexism has been on the retreat in Britain for the last 20 years, at least. It doesn’t mean it’s dead but not the norm either.
First of all we know better now. Feminists have changed attitudes. And then thanks to equality pioneers The Black and White Minstrels is out and civil partnerships in.
Another reason is economic. Regardless of class it’s become too expensive to live in the UK on a single income (i.e. the man’s) if there are two or more mouths to feed.
Men have a vested interest in women being treated - and especially paid - fairly in the workplace
You’re a man working for company A and your wife or partner is employed by company B. At company A there is a mixed workforce; it is to your advantage that your female co-workers are not discriminated against. You support fair industry standards because you want them implemented at company B.
I have worked a lifetime in the company of women either as colleagues, or as my boss, or for me when I was theirs. There have been changes in social interaction – men have to refrain from smutty innuendo (as the Sky Sports Two discovered) but are more than compensated now that women are expected to buy a round.
As for the workplace in my experience other women are much tougher than men when a female staff member, say, goes on regular maternity leaves or takes time off to tend a sick child or parent.
Where I think life has got more difficult for single women in recent years is the constant reminders not too delay motherhood, while at the same time young men have neither the means nor inclination to start a family until later.

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