Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Girl on girl - Cristina Odone and Jacqui Smith

It's difficult to determine which is the more appalling woman - former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith or Daily Telegraph journalist and blogger Cristina Odone.
Smith (left) is fronting a Radio 5 Live documentary Porn Again about the pornography industry on March 3rd. You'll remember that her husband Richard Timney was revealed to have charged two adult pay-per-view movies to the taxpayer.
This was part of a much larger expenses scandal which swept Smith from office two years ago, although now she's blaming sexism for the scrutiny and exposure.
The programme has set the fur flying. "Jacqui Smith is using her husband's porn habit to kick-start her broadcasting career. How revolting" heads Odone's post today.
Like most men (maybe women too) with access to the internet, curiosity has led me to look at an adult web site or two. Unlike Odone I don't offend easily but it is true to say some porn is disturbing and should be kept well away from children.
But neither is porn necessarily the vilest thing that walks the earth, which seems to be Odone's view. "Castration would be painless in comparison to the fate my husband would face if I found him watching porn," she wrote.
For someone so anti she's very knowledgeable about what she calls a "filthy habit", "grubby activity", and "sleaze."
Her conclusion is less than insightful. "Women who perform sex acts in front of a camera in a West Hollywood studio have the same motivation as prostitutes in a bedsit in King's Cross: money."
Much the same incentive then as bankers, arms manufacturers, and, indeed, journalists. In any case how can Odone be sure porn stars aren’t all saving to put their children through college?

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