Monday, 7 March 2011

Daniel Craig in drag should be 007's last outing

All credit to movie star Daniel Craig for agreeing to transform from James Bond into drag to help publicise International Women’s Day tomorrow. The video Equals produced by female director Sam Taylor-Wood is in an undeniably good cause. The voice over by Judi Dench, who plays 007’s boss ‘M’ in the movie series, stresses the inequality and violence women suffer daily to an extent, however, which doesn’t allow men can have it tough too.
It adds to Craig’s portfolio of commendable performances even though he remains silent throughout. There has been one major lapse in his career though; if only he had left James Bond to Clive Owen, a British actor born to play the part.
Casino Royale was a yawn after the opening sequence with its interminable casino episodes, while Quantum of Solace's 106 minutes running time didn’t seem worth the investment of a cinema ticket.
Craig has been there and got the T-shirt to prove it – or rather swimming trunks and should abandon any plans to make a third Bond (said to be with director Sam Mendes). I’m not surprised the project is dragging; the success of the Jason Bourne series raised the bar. Craig should note that Matt Damon will be absent from Bourne 4.
Sean Connery remains the supreme Bond, while Pierce Brosnan made a fair stab at the role. I’ve always thought Roger Moore deserved the silver medal in the best 007 stakes. His Bond was, yes, the smuggest but also the wittiest and smuttiest – in a bawdy, healthy way unlike the S & M side to writer Ian Fleming’s original.
Connery had the best fights but for all the deadly toys and over the top finales, there is nothing in the whole oeuvre to equal Moore using crocodiles for stepping stones to get out of a tight corner in Live and Let Die.

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