Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Don't stop at sprinklers - how to pep up 10 sports

Let’s face it most sports could be made more exciting. Today Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone repeated his view that sprinkler systems could be introduced on F1 tracks, because intermittent rain provides the most entertaining races. Here are ways 10 sports could be jazzed up with the aid of a little fine-tuning starting with F1 itself.
1. Given the importance of tyre technology, F1 drivers should have to change their own tyres when they make pit stops.
2. Rowing is much more interesting in choppy water. So helicopters should hover, for example, over the Oxford and Cambridge crews during the next Boat Race.
3. Penalty shoot-outs provide the most tension in a soccer match. So games should start with the shoot-out. If there is no outright winner extra time is played and then 90 minutes.
4. Liven up tennis by scrapping the second serve – and the net.
5. Sixes are the best bit of cricket; so alternative overs should be bowled underarm.
6. Scrap drug testing in horse racing – not the horses but the jockeys. A spliff should help them relax before races.
7. Paula Radcliffe’s toilet break on her way to winning the 2005 London Marathon was the most dramatic incident in the history of the event. So the race route should include detours behind half a dozen trees to protect runners’ modesty.
8. Martial art contests should be staged in yakuza drinking dens to increase authenticity.
9. Shooting tournaments should be held in FBI-style cardboard villages with pop-up gangsters and innocent citizens.
10. Following the example of high jumpers other field events – long jump, javelin, the shot, and the pole vault – should be performed backwards.

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