Monday, 21 March 2011

Forget feminism - the good provider is due back

It wasn’t so long ago the highest compliment a woman could pay her husband was that “he is a good provider.”
Not that she wouldn’t also prefer her man to be good looking, great in bed, fun to be with, well-educated, and blessed with a developed sense of humour.
But the paramount requirement was his ability to put food on the table and roof over the heads of his wife and children.
The downside was that love could evaporate - but the mechanics continued to work as long as the family unit treated each other with respect.
These days when love goes, family breakdown often isn’t far behind. I wonder though in these financially straitened times whether that scenario isn’t about to be rewritten.
Since the 1960s the answer to the question “What do women want?” seems to have been “Everything.” Women haven’t changed but some of the variables facing them have.
Living costs have soared beginning with the expense of further education. Good jobs could never be guaranteed but there was always the expectation a degree would open many doors. This certainty has gone. At the same time health professionals are stressing the importance that women shouldn’t delay having children. The career versus family dilemma can only intensify.
As a child of the Sixties, I’m accustomed to working – and living – alongside strong, independent women. I hope women continue to press for equality in educational and workplace opportunities. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, in their search for a partner that the good provider makes a comeback.
I suspect young men too will look more favourably on potential spouses who have money in the background. It will be something akin to the return of a dowry – a matchmaking and hard cash juxtaposition with which Jane Austen would be quite at home.
Given the above observations here are 10 signs to look out for:-
1. Fewer women go to university.
2. More co-habiting couples marry.
3. Younger marriages (for women).
4. Younger first-time mothers.
5. The financial status of in-laws grows in importance.

As for relationships between the sexes:-
6. Money compensates for unattractiveness in either partner.
7. Attractive women are keener to exploit their advantage.
8. Less promiscuous sex.
9. The bad boy loses his appeal.
10. Couples work harder to sustain their marriages.

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