Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Gwynnie, forget Glee for a Grace Kelly biopic

Gwyneth Paltrow has just a few years left to play the movie role she was born for – the lead in the biopic of Grace Kelly, the American actress who quit Hollywood to marry Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956.
I watched the Alfred Hitchcock-directed To Catch A Thief on television this afternoon, which stars Kelly and Cary Grant, for the umpteenth time. The witty, double-entendre laden script and the pleasing images of the South of France in the 1950s returned like an old friend.
But for the first time I was struck by the facial similarities of Kelly and Paltrow, who fortunately would be a sufficiently good actress to carry off the complex role, as long as a singing career doesn’t divert her since the success on Glee.
Of course Paltrow could play the older Princess Grace, who died at 52 suffering a stroke – and car crash - while driving in Monaco in 1982.
But the Grace Kelly in her mid-twenties - when she made To Catch A Thief and just before she met Rainier – would offer Paltrow a meatier part.
Kelly’s beauty was at its peak and Hollywood’s leading men were at her feet. Sleepless nights await any director trying to cast the men who pursued Kelly. They are said to include David Niven, William Holden, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Marlon Brando. The last two may have come to blows over her.
Perhaps this is why up on the screen the cocktail of Kelly’s glacial beauty and the sensual woman beneath is so potent.
Roll the final credits after her wedding as the Serene Highness The Princess of Monaco but before then proper recognition should be given to Kelly’s film work, which included the Best Actress Oscar for The Country Girl in 1955.
News to me until today was her long friendship with and support of black American entertainer Josephine Baker. This is the most intriguing part of her Wikipedia entry and the contrast – in all sorts of ways – between the two extraordinary women would make the film unmissable.


  1. Gwyneth Paltrow was born on September 27 th 1978; and you want her to play Grace Kelly in her twenties? Do us a favour Grapefruit, forget it. I thought this latest blog was a bit "meandering". [Jaffa].

  2. Gwyneth has simiar features to Grace Kelly? You are losing it. // {The Primrose Hill League}.

  3. Google "Gwyneth Paltrow" together with "Grace Kelly" and you find thousands have seen the same similarity. GC

  4. She should be so lucky.

  5. Yes, I agree that Princess Grace and Gwyneth Paltrow have major facial similarities. I noticed it myself a while ago.

    I don't know if a biopic about Grace has ever been made, but Paltrow would definitely be the actress to play her.

  6. Patrick,
    Since writing the above post I read January Jones, who plays Betty Draper in TV's Mad Men series said she's turned down offers to play Grace Kelly in television biopics because it would kill her career stone-dead. Gwynnie might feel the critics' knives would be out for her too. GC

  7. Paltrow was quite good in the movie "Iron Man" with Robert Downey Jnr. She might have played Grace at that time, but not now. By the way the second assistant director on that movie was Michael Moore.


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