Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Thoughts on a Regent's Park tragedy

A walk in the early spring sunshine in London’s Regent’s Park this morning brought an unexpected, poignant moment. I came across a memorial plaque set in front of a bandstand, which recalled a 30-year-old tragedy.
On July 20th 1982 an IRA time-bomb took the lives of seven Royal Green Jackets bandsmen. Two hours earlier a car bomb had ripped into a troop of Household Cavalry killing two mounted soldiers. I just about recall the horror of that day but it must bring daily heartache for the families of those who died.
Standing there in front of the plaque didn’t revive memories of the Troubles, or even the thought that decades later there are still those among us prepared to use terror in pursuit of political aims.
The emotion that swept over me was sadness that the lives of these young men was cut short (as I’ve discovered later) playing selections from the musical ‘Oliver’ to a lunchtime audience in one of London’s loveliest parks.
Walking home I valued all the more the signs of nature coming back to life – a simple pleasure denied to those that had lost their lives.


  1. It was, at the time, a very serious example of the IRA intent and and agenda on mainland UK. How much better it is today for all those living in peace.

  2. I'm the mother of one of the dead soldiers - Life isn't better for me - Anonymous you haven't a clue! Where's my peace?? Either keep you mouth shut or think before writing rubbish! I cry every day for the son I lost -30 years ago today - I don't give a damn whether Ireland is united or not. Incidently the bomb in Hyde Park was one hour earlier than Regent's Park

  3. Im a daughter of one of the survivor's and you may live in peace but the mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, grandchildren are affected every day by this.
    Even though I was too young to know these seven men I have so much respect and love for them.xx Always in my thoughts xx


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