Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Cameron's Royal Wedding fashion statement gaffe

It’s going to be Dress-down Friday for Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron at next week’s Royal Wedding. He’s breaking with tradition and wearing a lounge suit instead of tails to William and Kate’s nuptials.
It will be the first time a UK government leader has attended a Royal marriage ceremony in business attire rather than a morning suit.
Cameron wasn't always so adverse to dressing up - but more about that later.
The Westminster Abbey invitation allows male guests to wear either lounge suits or tails. Most of the foreign dignitaries can be expected to turn up in formal wear or national dress.
Cameron’s decision has nothing to do with striking a blow for equality but rather he doesn’t want to remind voters of his privileged origins ahead of council elections on May 5th.
He is especially keen not to draw comparisons with the infamous picture that heads this post. This shows Cameron (standing, second left) in his Bullingdon Club days at Oxford University. The Club is an exclusive unruly dining/drinking institution for wealthy students.
London’s mayor Boris Johnson (seated, first right) is also immortalised in the picture. He is going to the wedding and has hinted he might wear a morning suit.
Of course in the grand scheme of things what politicians wear to a Royal occasion shouldn’t matter. But in Cameron’s case just as with recent pictures of him and wife Samantha looking bored in a Ryanair airport lounge, he is anxious to appear as one of the people. There is therefore the no small matter of spin.
But once a toff, always a toff – and it is disingenuous to deny it by word or lounge suit. Especially, as every second marriage in the UK these days seems to be taken as an excuse to plunder wedding hire departments.
So, Mr Cameron,if you really want to get in touch with your proletarian side, you’ve still got time to get down to Moss Bros where they’ll measure you up for around a hundred quid. A Lord Snooty top hat will be extra.
PS U-turns are becoming a Cameron speciality. According to the Guido Fawkes political blog the PM will now wear tails on the big day.

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  1. I took a look at the picture and thought I was looking at the Krays and their gang. Might as well be.


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