Friday, 1 April 2011

Today's special - the secret of healthy eating

An American nutritionist has saved my sanity. My eccentric eating habits turn out to be the best way of achieving just the right balance of healthy fats, carbs, vitamins, and those all-important anti-oxidants.
What I didn't know was that according to research by her Californian-based institute I'm also prolonging my life, encouraging hair growth (on my head), strengthening my bones, improving my eyesight and boosting my sex-drive.
How? By simply reversing the order of the food courses I consume. Whenever I eat at home alone I start with a coffee; after a while I'll usually have a piece of fruit, although sometimes it will be a more recognisable dessert such as cheesecake.
I'll wait until early pangs of hunger send me to the main course of my meal, say, a tuna salad but it could be a low-fat microwaveable pasta dish. And last thing at night a plate (or rather a cup) of soup to aid my digestion as I sleep.
This is a pattern of eating I developed over the years since my divorce - until now I never knew why.
Dr Flora Olip writing in the current edition of the Catalogue Of Nutrition explains, "The diet of our species took a U-turn for the worse when we ceased to be nomadic hunters and foragers to become farmers," she said. "My aim is to restore the proper order of food and drink consumption."
Crazy but it makes sense. The popularity of coffee shops - the beverage is a symbolic meal! Her theory also explains why the urge to snack is so strong. It may also explain why the same food eaten walking tastes better than that when consumed sitting down.
She is hoping to interest international cook and restaurant owner Jamie Oliver in opening the first of what will become a chain of Back to Front diners to put her ideas into practice.

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