Tuesday, 19 April 2011

William and Kate - a last chance for the British monarchy

The approaching Royal Wedding has exposed Britain’s inherent snobbism. Never far from the surface, it doesn’t reflect well on a country still trying to find its way in the 21st century.
That one day the UK will have its first middle class Queen shouldn’t be remarkable. But Royal watchers and much else in the media are in a frenzy because Kate (now Catherine since she poshed up her name) Middleton has ‘umble folk as ancestors and her mum Carole was an air hostess before marrying well.
Kate and Prince William will make a handsome couple at the Westminster Abbey ceremony on April 29th – and should do a good job thereafter. And so they must.
To date any republican sentiment is met by yawns. But the Royals cannot rely on public apathy for all time for their survival. The British monarchy fulfils important constitutional, ceremonial, times of crisis, tourism, and what you will, roles. But while respect remains for the Queen herself, the rest of the Royal Family are, for the most part, ignored or ridiculed.
Her children have never counted for much in the public’s affection, while many will never forgive Prince Charles his treatment of Princess Diana. Their son William provides a fresh start.
Not so long ago we Brits used to talk disparagingly about the “bicycling monarchies” to be found in mainland Europe especially the Dutch royals. In these straitened times such frugality has much to recommend it.
The hope is when it comes to their turn, William and Kate will move the monarchy closer to the people. The test will be if one of their children choose to marry the offspring of an air hostess – or the like – the fact will hardly rate a mention.
Much will depend on William’s queen. My November 16th post on the wedding announcement Congratulations but Kate Middleton is no role model for young women complained it would have been better if she had had a proper job after leaving university. She put all her eggs in one basket, so to speak, as William dithered about whether to marry.
The post’s conclusion still seems right: “By next summer we could all be in need of a nationwide party - and an occasion to wish the Royal couple a happy life together.”

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  1. Kate's a natural. She will keep the Royals going.


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