Tuesday, 17 May 2011

David Beckham - premier dad

David Beckham’s free-kick goal which completed LA Galaxy’s comprehensive win over Sporting Kansas City at the weekend was a beaut. It’s well to remember that behind all the show biz glamour that surrounds Brand Beckham (and now includes Victoria’s flourishing fashion business) there still lurks, on his day, a formidable soccer player.
Beckham has fallen from grace both on and off the field in his career but for a sports star that’s every move has been subject to media scrutiny for nearly 20 years, his misdemeanours have been few.
His best position is the one he holds now – Britain’s, perhaps the world’s, premier dad.
The love Becks has for his wife and sons (with a daughter on the way) isn’t a public relations fiction as is plain with every shot of the family group.
The British Royal Family failed miserably to present itself as a template of domestic harmony. The hope is of a fresh start with newly-weds William and Kate. So for the time being I can’t think of any family that might be deemed role models better than the Beckhams.
Wealth helps, of course. It’s easier to be happy together if money is no bar to making dreams come true. But there are plenty of examples where newly arrived at riches fractures rather than binds families.
I’m not advocating sainthood for Beckham. I doubt if his biggest fan would place him in the same league as the soccer greats. Extensive tattoos and a fixation with haircuts are not usually associated with marks of cerebral development.
But show me an intellectual who has done as much for charity, sport in general, and supported family life? Given Becks’s journey to date; the boy done good.


  1. Brand Beckham is a fine example of international marketing in the new global era.

  2. He helped win us the venue for the Olympics.

  3. "the boy done good". More please from his sons, especially in the future on the football field. England needs them!


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